Event Coordinator
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Event coordinators assist in the preparation, implementation, execution and evaluation of special events. They help with human resource coordination by recruiting, training and motivating staff and volunteers. It is a job that requires creativity and the use of many talents. Event co-ordinator positions may be short-term contracts, and many event coordinators move from contract to contract, event to event.


  • Administer financial controls and procedures
  • Implement event plan, including program, site development, equipment, staging, seating and parking
  • Coordinate office administration
  • Fulfill marketing plan, including advertising, trade shows, contests and volunteer/sponsor appreciation programs
  • Recruit train, supervise and evaluate staff and volunteers
  • Prepare/deliver written and verbal communications


An event coordinator requires strong written and verbal communication skills, an ability to be an effective team member, planning and organizational skills and event/project coordination experience. Also required are public relations and marketing skills, and human resource/volunteer management skills. Desired experience and skills include negotiation, arbitration and accounting skills, and knowledge of the local area and industry.


A diploma or degree in communications, marketing, business administration or tourism management is usually required. Knowledge of National Occupational Standards and Certification as an Event Coordinator are assets.

Career Path: 

Convention/Meeting Planner, Event Manager, Owner/Operator.