About Us

New Name, 20 Years’ Expertise

After over two decades serving Canadian tourism businesses and the professionals working for them, the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC) has updated its corporate identity and is now operating as Tourism HR Canada.

About Tourism HR Canada

Tourism HR Canada is a national organization working for the tourism sector in Canada, a $88.5 billion industry employing over 1.7 million people including over 500,000 youth. The organization works to identify and address labour market issues in the Canadian tourism sector. Its main goals include improving the quality and mobility of the tourism workforce and supplying tourism businesses with the labour market intelligence they need to plan for and overcome their current and future human resource challenges.

Tourism HR Canada is recognized as a global leader in setting occupational standards, building competency frameworks, developing occupational training and certification programs under the emerit brand, conducting research into the tourism labour market, and analyzing the resulting data to plan and implement HR strategies for the industry.

In addition, Tourism HR Canada performs consulting services for all sectors in occupational training and instructional design, assessment tools and certification programs, human resource planning and strategy, and labour market research and analysis. Our team has worked with private companies, educational organizations, professional associations, and all levels of government, both in Canada and internationally.