Corporate Structure

Tourism HR Canada is a national not-for-profit organization that is governed by a Board of Directors which includes the various “constituencies” in the tourism sector concerned with labour market issues. These constituencies are Business, Labour (or workers), National Industry Associations, Education, National and Provincial Tourism Authorities, Government, and one organization in each province or territory concerned with tourism labour market issues. 

The Board of Directors delegates some of its work to a number of Committees, these being the Finance Committee, the Product Quality Committee, and the Research Committee. Staff of the provincial or territorial organizations, which deliver Tourism HR Canada programs and distribute emerit products within their jurisdictions, meet regularly to co-ordinate their activities. Tourism HR Canada operates with funding from the Government of Canada which has been critical to its research, products, and program development.  Revenue is also derived from its wholesale distribution of its emerit brand occupational standards, training, and professional recognition and certification programs.