Board Members

Collectively, Board members and Tourism HR Canada bring together Canadian tourism businesses, labour unions, associations, educators and governments to co-ordinate human resource development activities and contribute to a sustainable, globally competitive tourism sector.

The Board of Directors is elected from the constituent groups, by the members in that group. The Board is comprised of elected voting directors, elected non-voting directors, ex-officio voting directors, ex-officio non-voting directors, and observers. The two Chairpersons of Tourism HR Canada's Board of Directors are one representative of the business group of Directors and one representative of the labour group of Directors.

Current Tourism HR Canada Board Structure

  • Business (up to 5 seats)
  • Labour (up to 5 seats)
  • National Associations (up to 8 seats)
  • Provincial/Territorial Associations (up to 13 seats)
  • Education (up to 4 seats)
  • National Tourism Authority (up to 1 seat)
  • Federal Government (up to 1 seat)
  • Provincial/Territorial Government Tourism Authorities (up to 13 seats)
  • Tourism Suppliers (up to 2 seats)
  • Tourism HR Canada (up to 1 seat)

For a complete list of the Board of Directors, contact us.