Vision, Mission, and Goals

Established in 1993 (as the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council), Tourism HR Canada addresses labour market issues and promotes professionalism in the Canadian tourism sector. Collectively, the organization's members work on behalf of 174,000 businesses that make up the sector. Tourism HR Canada brings together tourism businesses, labour unions, associations, educators, and governments to coordinate human resource development activities in support of a globally competitive and sustainable Canadian tourism sector.

Tourism HR Canada undertakes various initiatives to capture, document and disseminate Labour Market Information (LMI) and other research to the tourism sector. From collecting the detailed statistics and demographic constitution of the tourism workforce, to the compensation and benefits practices of businesses, to the projected labour supply and demand requirements, Tourism HR Canada conducts national research to assists employers, educators, researchers, and job seekers alike in understanding the workforce dynamics at work in the sector.

Skills training, upgrading and certification are all core components of Tourism HR Canada's mission. They are addressed through our emerit Tourism Training brand. With more than 50 National Occupational Standards, occupation-specific training in paper-based and on-line versions, human resources tools for employers, and Professional Certification, emerit is the most comprehensive industry-developed training available anywhere in the world.

To assist the sector in its labour supply needs, Tourism HR Canada is engaged in a number of projects related to recognizing and incorporating foreign credentials, as well as initiatives related to temporary foreign workers.

Through the Discover Tourism website, Tourism HR Canada provides newcomers to Canada, persons with disabilities, mature workers, Aboriginals, and career seekers of all ages with an introduction to the tourism sector. Visit Discover Tourism to take a self-assessment quiz to see if tourism is right for you, learn about tourism myths and facts, training, career paths, and much more.

The Ready-to-Work program is a national, sector-based internship program that assists individuals by preparing them for the world of work. The program offers a mix of classroom and on-the-job training that provides people with the skills, knowledge, attitudes and experience required for long-term stable employment in tourism.