The Ontario Tourism Education Corporation (OTEC)

OTEC is an Ontario-based independent, not-for-profit training, consulting & workforce development organization that delivers high quality, creative and branded solutions for the development and growth of a professional, skilled workforce. It is a leading source of support for community workforce capacity building and for helping companies attract, retain, and develop high performing employees and become Employers of Choice. OTEC is the premier source for Customer Service training and strategy development, Tourism Ambassador training and occupational certification, leadership skills training, and education products and services for tourism, hospitality and service oriented organizations in a wide range of industry sectors both nationally and internationally.

Contact Info:
Ontario Tourism Education Corporation (OTEC) 
OTEC Telephone: 416.622.1975
Toll Free: 1.800.557.6832
E-mail: info@otec.org 
Web site: www.otec.org