Connect People and Prosperity

Tourism is one of the world’s biggest industries, a job-creator and economic driver in small and large communities.

Many jobs in tourism are well suited for those with little workforce experience, including individuals with little formal education and disadvantaged individuals. In fact, tourism is one of the largest employers of individuals with little education or workforce experience, giving them a solid start in finding economic independence. Career paths in tourism are seemingly limitless; many tourism leaders start their careers in entry level occupations and quickly advance to supervisory, management, and even executive level or ownership positions.

Tourism HR Canada helps connect people to prosperity by providing information on tourism occupations and career paths, and by analyzing and distributing Labour Market Information used for HR and career planning.

We also manage and administer Emerit training and certification programs, the largest national credentialing program outside of apprenticeship. To date, emerit training has been used to help over 20,000 Aboriginal, disabled, disadvantaged and otherwise under-employed individuals in Canada and around the world enter the workforce, rise out of poverty and build a career.

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