Strengthen the Tourism Industry

We’re committed to building a strong, globally competitive, sustainable labour force.

At Tourism HR Canada, we’ve spent over two decades ensuring the 1.7 million people employed in Canada’s tourism and hospitality sector are equipped to succeed. World-class training, small business resources, labour market data, and HR best practices are among some of the specialized knowledge and advice we share.

Generating $88.5 billion in economic activity and accounting for almost 10% of Canada’s workforce, including over 500,000 young workers, tourism is a vital component of our economy. Quality visitor experiences require a vibrant, well-trained workforce, and to foster growth, we need superior service to complement our breathtaking destinations, encouraging repeat visitors and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

We collaborate with business to create training programs that reflect the real-world demands of a fast-paced industry. We work with educators to equip the next generation of tourism leaders with a solid foundation of skills and knowledge. We team up with other national organizations to provide the facts and figures needed to navigate the changing labour market.

Let Tourism HR Canada arm your organization with the tools and resources to succeed.

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