CTHRC Hosts TASC Session on FCR for Employers

At the request of Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s Foreign Credential Referral Office (FCRO), The Alliance of Sector Councils (TASC) is organizing a series of workshops and presentations aimed at increasing awareness among Canadian employers, particularly small and medium sized businesses, of the advantages of hiring internationally-trained individuals. The consultant for this project is the Conference Board of Canada. The sessions will highlight the work of sector councils in this regard and provide practical tools and resources to assist employers in hiring and retaining internationally-trained workers. The 38 workshops and presentations are customized to local/sector needs, and will be held over the coming two years.

As part of this initiative, a presentation was delivered at the CTHRC National Meeting in Montreal on November 23, where the CTHRC’s President introduced the project and the Conference Board to the group. The objective was to give participants from Human Resource Organizations (HROs) across the country an opportunity to hear about the project and to gauge their interest in promoting or hosting sessions in their community. With input from HROs and the CTHRC, the Conference Board would also have the opportunity to tailor sessions to specific sector or local needs. The feedback was very positive and many in attendance indicated their interest in participating. The Conference Board is currently following up on these requests, and we expect that 4-5 sessions and workshops will be planned jointly with tourism HROs.

If you would like more information on this Workshop Series, please visit the "Special Events and Conferences" section of the Conference Board of Canada web site: