Labour Force Survey Highlights November 2010

In November 2010, the unemployment rate in the tourism sector was 7.5%. This was half a percentage point lower than the rate reported in November 2009.

In the Canadian economy overall, employment increased in November, however fewer youths in the labour market resulted in a (seasonally adjusted) unemployment rate of 7.6%.

Some of the tourism industry groups showed year-over-year improvement in November 2010. Specifically, there was a reduction in unemployment rates in accommodations, food and beverage services, and recreation and entertainment compared to the same month a year ago.

The unemployment rate in the accommodations (12.7%) and recreation and entertainment (10.5%) industry groups was much higher than that seen in the sector overall, however rates in both groups declined 0.3% compared to November 2009.

In the food & beverage services industry group, 6.4% of the labour force was unemployed in November 2010; this was 1.6% less than the rate seen one year earlier.

The unemployment rates in the travel services (4.8%) and transportation (3.6%) industry groups were the lowest in the sector overall, but also had the largest year-over-year increases, at +4.0% and +1.6% respectively.

On a regional basis, almost all of the provinces had a tourism unemployment rate lower than the sector nationally. The high rates seen in PEI and NB were due to reduced employment in traveller accommodations, full-service restaurants, and some recreation industries. The labour force in NL saw increased unemployment in traveller accommodations as well as in deep sea and coastal water transportation.