Funding Announcement for the CTHRC

Fredericton, New Brunswick – November 10, 2005 - Belinda Stronach, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development and Minister responsible for Democratic Renewal, announced on Monday November 7th that the Government of Canada will provide nearly 8 million dollars, through the Sector Council Program, to the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC), to promote a skilled workforce in the tourism sector.  The tourism funding announcement was part of a larger one, which included funding for the Cultural Human Resource Council.

"Canada's future competitiveness depends on productive, high-performance workplaces, supported by a highly skilled workforce," said Minister Stronach, during a visit to the Charlotte Street Arts Centre. "The cultural and tourism industries play a valuable role in our overall economy, employing upward of two million people and accounting for 16 percent of our entire labour force. It is vital to invest in the skills of these workers; the projects we are announcing today will help ensure that we have the skilled labour required to remain globally competitive in culture and tourism."

The Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC) will receive over $7.9 million for three projects related to skills development.  The largest project announced is for the development and delivery of on-line learning for targeted programs and occupations, building on the successes already realized with the Council’s paper-based resources.  The second project will allow the CTHRC to continue to collect, analyze and disseminate labour market research that will give the industry timely and credible information on employment in the industry, and on the supply of workers.  The third project announced will assist the Council’s further work on credential recognition initiatives.

The CTHRC works on behalf of the 164,000 businesses that make up Canada's vibrant tourism industry. Established in 1993, the CTHRC promotes professionalism throughout the industry and addresses key labour market issues. Collectively, Council members and the CTHRC bring together Canadian tourism businesses, labour unions, associations, educators and governments to co-ordinate human resource development activities and contribute to a sustainable, globally competitive tourism industry.

The announcement is linked to Canada's Workplace Skills Strategy, aimed at helping Canadians to become the best-trained, most highly skilled workers in the world, as well as ensuring that employers' needs are met. The Government of Canada will join with businesses, unions, provinces and territories, sector councils and workers to ensure that all Canadians have the opportunity to develop skills enabling them to obtain meaningful and productive jobs.

Funding for this initiative was provided for in the February 2005 federal Budget and is therefore built into the existing fiscal framework.

The projects have been reviewed to ensure compliance with the Department's administration of its grant and contribution programs, and are subject to review under the Financial Administration Act.