Tourism Sector National Compensation Study Now Available

Study takes a close look at compensation and benefits in three key industries across Canada

OTTAWA, ONTARIO – June 25, 2007 - The Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC), with the assistance of its provincial and territorial partners, recently completed the first ever national survey to collect compensation and benefits data from tourism establishments in three key industries: Accommodations, Food and Beverage Services, and Recreation and Entertainment. Specifically, the survey requested data for 28 different occupations at all levels, from frontline to senior management.

This pan-Canadian study, which successfully gathered data for over 1,150 establishments, provides tourism operators and managers with invaluable information that will help them plan their human resources needs in a competitive manner, given such factors as increased labour shortages. The study presents aggregate data in a paper-based format, but data samples will also be available to individuals wishing to make comparisons and forecast based on regional, occupational, operational, and other aspects.

“The CTHRC is very pleased to be able to provide this national compensation study,” said Wendy Swedlove, President, CTHRC. “The information it provides will be important to understanding how competitive the tourism sector is with respect to compensation. We hope that this information will be used by employers to ensure that the sector continues to attract and retain skilled workers”.

Participation from the sector was high in this study because employers understand the importance of this information. Graeme Barrit, Co-Chair of the CTHRC’s Board of Directors, and President of Coast Hotels & Resorts, believes that the National Compensation Study “provides invaluable information for employers across the country. Where you stand with regard to your company pay scale and the market will help guide your hiring and salary practices, the potential costs of new developments, and how you understand your overall efficiencies.” Coast Hotels & Resorts participated in the survey, which will be updated within the next two years. “I encourage all interested, forward-thinking employers to participate in the survey,” Mr. Barrit added.

For more information or to purchase the national or regional studies – please contact your provincial/territorial Tourism Education Council or Tourism Industry Association at 1.800.486.9158 or visit