CTHRC Hosts Session to Discuss Foreign Credential Recognition

On November 28, 2008, the CTHRC hosted a lunch session with eight analysts, advisors, and researchers of Human Resources and Social Development Canada and Citizenship and Immigration Canada, who are involved with overseas strategies, newcomer integration, settlement, and foreign credential recognition. The presentation and discussion focused on recent tools and strategies developed by the CTHRC in collaboration with provincial Tourism Human Resource Organisations to facilitate effective labour market integration for non-regulated professions. This session was the first in a series to facilitate collaboration and cross-fertilization. During the meeting, the following items were discussed:

  • The effectiveness of targeted strategies to solve issues in the tourism sector
  • Canadian Workplace Essentials training and assessment
  • On-line self-assessment tools for transferable and occupation-specific kills
  • The Working in Canada in Tourism web information and referral tool
  • Draft Cooking Qualifications Framework
  • Online learning
  • Selected pilot initiatives