CATT Scholarship Winners

CATT Scholarship WinnersEach year, the Canadian Academy of Travel and Tourism (CATT), together with independent contributor Esther Lee and BC sponsor go2, awards up to five scholarships to graduating CATT students who wish to pursue post-secondary tourism studies. These scholarships encourage further education and skills development and provide tourism’s next generation with assistance to achieve success in the sector.

Jameson Bosomworth, a graduate of Highland Secondary School in Comox, BC, won a scholarship in 2007, and Brianna Deveau, a graduate of West Kings District High School in Auburn, Nova Scotia, won in 2008. Jameson is currently finishing his second year in Tourism and Hospitality Management at North Island College in BC. Brianna is in her first year of the Tourism Management Program at Nova Scotia Community College, specializing in Ecotourism.

Both Brianna and Jameson joined CATT under the encouragement of their tourism teachers.

"Highland Secondary School had an excellent representative from the sector in Robert Thompson, who ran the tourism and hospitality programs there," explains Jameson. "He heavily promoted the industry, explaining its benefits and high employment demand. I enrolled in his classes during my grade 10 year, and ended up completing all of the programs related to tourism and hospitality."

Brianna’s experience was alike: "My Tourism 11 teacher, Mr. Lincoln, was very dedicated to getting us involved. He encouraged all of us to join the program; after hearing its benefits, I decided to join."

On a field trip with CATT, Brianna realized a career in tourism was right for her: "I was listening to a college instructor explain how she started out in the tourism industry. I decided then I wanted to make it my career. I didn’t want a desk job, to sit and do the same thing every day. I wanted travel, excitement, and to meet new people. You can go anywhere in the world and find a job in tourism. For example, instead of staying in Nova Scotia for my six month work co-op, I am looking for a job in BC. When I graduate, I want to move to Australia."

Jameson cites similar motives: "The two things that excite me most about working in the tourism sector are the option to work anywhere in the world and the opportunity to meet so many new people. One of the most rewarding things as a front desk agent is interacting with people from around the globe."

He looks forward to pursuing a career in the accommodations industry, making a career for himself at a high-level property or chain.

Brianna, with her specialization in ecotourism, plans to gain experience as a guide in various outdoor recreation activities and ultimately open her own business giving hiking and kayaking tours.

Asked for advice for those considering a career in tourism, Brianna recommends getting involved in every possible opportunity.

"Sign up, join, or volunteer," she elaborates. "I never expected so much would come out of joining the CATT program; it was a memorable experience I would not have wanted to miss. This industry throws so many different challenges at you. My advice is to work hard and meet every challenge you can, because even if you can’t see the benefits right away, they do come."

Jameson agrees: "I strongly recommend taking the CATT program if you are pursuing a job in the tourism sector or planning on post secondary education in that field. I was able to take a dual credit program through North Island College, completing two of the courses for my Tourism and Hospitality Diploma while still attending high school. CATT gave me an advantage – I had a better understanding of many concepts, making life at college much easier."

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