CATT Welcomes Newest Gold School; Represents Canada Internationally

Newest CATT Gold School Builds On Strong Foundation

G.W. Graham Middle Secondary School in Chilliwack, British Columbia, joined the Canadian Academy of Travel and Tourism (CATT) in the fall of 2009. From the beginning, the school intended to extend its offerings and offer the full CATT program, and after two years of hard work and dedication from CATT Coordinator and teacher Cheryl Tourand, school administrators, and many CATT students, G.W. Graham became the newest CATT Gold School in September 2012.

The CATT Gold program will build on the solid foundation that has been established by running a successful Level I and Level II program since 2009. G.W. Graham’s existing tourism work experience program means that strong relationships with local tourism businesses are already in place, giving the program a good reputation in the community and making new partnerships easier to develop.

The school is linking business education and tourism courses for CATT students, which will give them a wider appreciation for all aspects of operating a tourism or hospitality business. For students who decide to continue their tourism studies, and agreement is already in place with the Canadian Tourism College to offer dedicated scholarships to CATT Gold graduates, and to award credit for industry certifications earned while in the program.

G.W. Graham Students to Represent Canada at GTTP Conference in Monaco

The school is also participating in initiatives of the Global Travel and Tourism Partnership (GTTP). This year, G.W. Graham is twinning with a school in Kenya through the GTTP, and two students in the program have been chosen to represent CATT and Canada at the annual GTTP Research competition in Monte Carlo, Monaco this November.

Megan Macdonald  and Ashley Fisher will be travelling to Monaco with Mrs. Tourand to present their Case Study on this year’s theme: Innovation in Tourism. Their presentation to tourism students and educators from around the world will focus on a Fraser Valley tourism project, “Hand Picked in the Valley,” that brings together the municipalities of Abbotsford, Langley, and Chilliwack to provide pre-packaged or custom trip itineraries to travellers. These two enthusiastic young ladies have also started their own blog,  where other CATT students, teachers and well-wishers can keep up to date on the progress they are making with their case study and presentation. They even have a Twitter account and Facebook page linked to their blog to help chronicle their journey!

Three Canadian Finalists Chosen for GTTP Photo Contest

Congratulations also go out to the three CATT students whose photos were chosen to represent Canada in the GTTP travel photo contest. These three winners will each be awarded a one hundred dollar national prize and their entries will be included in the international competition where one person will be awarded an eight hundred dollar prize. The three finalists’ photos and descriptions are below in no particular order.

Shelby Johansson, Nutana Collegiate, Saskatoon, SK.

Waneskewin is a heritage park that is special to First Nations people of Saskatchewan.  This picture encompasses the beautiful landscape of the park, as well as the important cultural practices that take place at Waneskewin.

Josh Larose, Nutana Collegiate, Saskatoon, SK.

Saskatchewan is well known for its bridges. However, Saskatoon also has some amazing artwork.  This picture shows some of that beautiful artwork, incorporated into the Victoria bridge structure.

Markee Ross, Gimli High School, Gimli, MB.

My photo is the view from my front yard. It’s special because it’s so beautiful to me and I’m sure it will be to others as well.