HVS Executive Search Releases Hotel Executive Compensation Survey

Working in collaboration with the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC), HVS Executive Search recently conducted a national survey around compensation in Canada’s Lodging industry. HVS Executive Search is an executive search and advisory firm that provides human capital consulting services to hotels, restaurants, and gaming companies. This is their first national compensation study for hotel occupations in Canada.

The HVS 2012 Canadian Hotel Property Compensation Study  contains data collected from over 1,600 participants working in 33 hotel related occupations, and representing 232 properties across the country.  The information is presented based on the number of rooms and class of property, its annual revenue and location (resort, airport, etc.), and its region (Atlantic, Central, or Western Canada).

The study reviews total rewards and provides benchmarking and best practice analysis for executive compensation trends and practices at hotels across Canada. It reports on critical items such as compensation statistics (annual compensation, bonuses, value of long-term incentives), retirement contributions and other compensation trends.

“The CTHRC is very pleased to have been involved in the HVS Canadian Hotel Property Compensation Study, “says Wendy Swedlove, CTHRC President.  “It is a welcome companion piece to the CTHRC’s Tourism Compensation Study, providing additional information on compensation at the Executive level. Compensation information is valuable to all Canadian tourism sector stakeholders, from businesses to educators, job seekers to established professionals. This information is a valuable resource for developing consistent and effective human resource strategies in the sector, especially as labour shortages return.”

Information on current and trending compensation practices can be used by businesses to inform decisions on compensation practices and ensure that they are in line with their competitors in their region and across the country. Educators can use compensation data to help make decisions on curriculum to ensure that their students are prepared for in demand occupations with favourable earning opportunities. Students, job seekers and those already working can compare compensation rates across occupations and geographic regions when making career decisions or to ensure that they are receiving a competitive compensation package.

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