Summer 2009 Issue

Free Employee-Rated Employer of Choice Program Ready for Use

Economic Climate HR Times March 2009

Employers looking to attract and retain top talent now have a revitalized, versatile tool to help them.

The Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC) has released a fresh update of its free employee-rated Employer of Choice (EOC) program. The online program has a new look and feel, new functions, and a user-friendly sign-up wizard to guide participants through the process. It has been specially tailored by human resource experts to reflect the needs of all sizes of business, giving owners the flexibility to assess multiple business locations or individual departments.

An extension of the Discover Tourism brand, EOC’s primary focus is to recognize employers who have developed and implemented leading human resource practices. Attracting and retaining skilled employees is a key means to remain competitive in any economic climate. Employers who show a dedication to shaping an engaging workplace will be best equipped to weather the current economy and emerge with a stronger, more dedicated staff. Continue...

Dispelling Myths: Employing People with Disabilities

New CTHRC Spokesperson HR Times March 2009

Employers looking to recruit often return to the same pool of potential employees. They are consequently missing out on talented individuals who may be perfect for the roles offering. By broadening their search to include non-traditional labour pools, employers greatly increase their odds of finding qualified employees. Individuals with disabilities are one such overlooked labour market, often due to the myths and misconceptions surrounding accessibility issues.

As part of June’s Access Awareness Day in British Columbia, the Social Planning and Research Council of BC (SPARC BC) hosted a dialogue to enhance understanding and collaboration between tourism employers, employment agencies, and individuals with disabilities. A charitable organization, SPARC BC works with communities and organizations on a range of social justice issues, including accessibility.

SPARC BC chose to focus this dialogue on tourism employment due to its wide range of occupations, its flexibility in terms of seasonal, shift, and part-time work, and the importance of tourism establishments being accessible to travellers, residents, and employees alike. Continue...

Canadian Academy of Travel and Tourism Celebrates 1000 Gold Graduates

HR Award Winners HR Times March 2009The Canadian Academy of Travel and Tourism (CATT) recently marked a milestone in its 15-year history: Sarah Burden of Auburn Drive High School had the distinction of being the 1000th graduate of the CATT Gold program. This honour was particularly fitting, as her Nova Scotia school was one of the four founding CATT schools in 1994 and has played an active role in the Academy’s growth.

The CATT program involves high school students in grades 10, 11, and 12. These students follow the regular curriculum with a specialization in tourism. Many academic and experiential projects associated with the regular curriculum are tourism related, however the skills developed through the program are based on nationally-recognized transferrable skills applicable to other employment sectors. Canadian high schools can be involved in the Academy program at three different pathway levels: Level I, Level II, and Gold. Continue...

Save the Date: Eighth Annual Tourism HR Forum

CATT Scholarship Winners HR Times March 2009

The Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC), along with the Conseil québécois des ressources humaines en tourisme (CQRHT), invites you to attend the premier HR event for the tourism sector – the annual Tourism HR Forum. This growing national event will take place at Montreal’s Delta Centre-Ville hotel from November 23rd to 25th, 2009.

The HR Forum has become a must-go event for anyone involved in managing and developing people for the tourism sector - executives, managers, corporate trainers, educators, and association representatives.

Titled On Your Mark! Get Set! Change!, this year’s event addresses significant human resource concerns currently facing the tourism sector. Featured speakers will examine issues from three perspectives – Quebec, Canada, and the world. Continue...