Free Employee-Rated Employer of Choice Program Ready for Use

HR Award Winner

Employers looking to attract and retain top talent now have a revitalized, versatile tool to help them.

The Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC) has released a fresh update of its free employee-rated Employer of Choice (EOC) program. The online program has a new look and feel, new functions, and a user-friendly sign-up wizard to guide participants through the process. It has been specially tailored by human resource experts to reflect the needs of all sizes of business, giving owners the flexibility to assess multiple business locations or individual departments.

An extension of the Discover Tourism brand, EOC’s primary focus is to recognize employers who have developed and implemented leading human resource practices. Attracting and retaining skilled employees is a key means to remain competitive in any economic climate. Employers who show a dedication to shaping an engaging workplace will be best equipped to weather the current economy and emerge with a stronger, more dedicated staff.

Participating in the program is a simple process which can be managed in-house or through the use of an HR consultant. The evaluation consists of online questionnaires which assess and rate employers on nine criteria, including attraction and retention strategies, employee satisfaction, motivation, and work environment. The questionnaires are based on established employee satisfaction standards in today’s workplace. Both employees and employers respond anonymously to separate questionnaires ; the results are compiled and compared, identifying areas of strength and areas in need of improvement.

Based on the feedback, employers will see where they need to invest effort to attract and retain skilled workers, and to ensure employees perform at their best and are able to cope with workplace change. The program provides specific recommendations, tools, and resources to assist employers in developing a strategy and an action plan to achieve the Employer of Choice status. To monitor the progress, the program provides advice on establishing measurable success indicators.

Employers who attain the Employer of Choice designation benefit from increased visibility as organizations that value their employees and put top HR practices at the forefront of their goals. This recruitment edge will allow businesses to distinguish themselves as preferred employers, thus securing the best employees in the business to deliver superior service and attract repeat customers.

To sign up or to obtain more information on the employee-rated Employer of Choice program, please visit