CTHRC Developed Online Self-Assessment Tool Launched in Overseas Markets

Foreign Trained Workers Finding and Applying Skills in Tourism with FAST

Recently, the FAST (Finding and Applying your Skills in Tourism) self-assessment tool, developed by the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC), was launched at the Canadian Immigrant Integration Program (CIIP) overseas offices in China, India, the Philippines and the United Kingdom. The official launch introduces FAST as a resource for CIIP participants, who will serve as a source of data to inform quality updates to the tool.

FAST is a free, online self-assessment tool designed to help job seekers identify and communicate skills they possess that can be transferred to any sector, regardless of whether the skills were learned in Canada or abroad, in tourism or in other industries. These transferable skills are represented in seven checklists: Sales and Marketing, Safety and Security, Financial Transactions, Human Resources, Professionalism, Policies and Procedures, and Communication. The tool also produces a report which links the user to relevant tourism occupations, based on their identified transferable skills.

FAST is now available through CIIP, which provides free pre-departure orientation to those in the final stages of immigration under the Federal Skilled Worker and Provincial Nominee programs, as well as their spouses and adult dependants in their country of origin. CIIP provides information, planning and online support through partners in Canada, such as the CTHRC, to ensure that immigrants develop the skills that lead to economic success in this country.

Managed by the Association of Canadian Community Colleges and funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, CIIP provides services in 25 countries to people in the final stages of immigration to Canada.