New Websites for CTHRC, emerit, Discover Tourism, and CATT

New Websites CTHRC emerit Discover Tourism CATTInteractive features, a fresh look, updated content, and a brand new community area: the new CTHRC, emerit, Discover Tourism, and CATT websites are live and ready to be explored.

The sites each feature a new design, with common visual themes to unite them. Links between all four pages are prominently placed, making it easy for visitors to seek out further information on items that may be of interest to them. Job seekers on Discover Tourism can link to emerit certification, while employers looking to train staff through emerit can learn about the Employer of Choice program. Content has been revitalized in all areas, ensuring visitors are able to learn the latest on projects, programs, and resources.

All four sites are easier to navigate, more intuitive, and make it easier to connect with the Council and others in the tourism sector. One of many new features is the Community Area, a networking tool where anyone is able to create a profile and interact with other members. Once logged in, members can share news items, announce an upcoming event, post and reply to comments, and exchange thoughts about current issues and trends. For those wishing not to post in a public forum, an inbox allows members to communicate with each other in privacy. Participants can post in the language of their choice.

Further to the Community Area is the Collaboration Portal. This innovative tool allows members to peruse projects and join those that are of interest. Once there, members can post files and comments, ask questions, participate in polls, and invite others to join. It’s the ideal workspace to connect with other tourism professionals.

The revitalized news area of the CTHRC website makes it easier than ever to stay up-to-date on tourism and HR issues. Visitors can sign up to receive RSS feeds of the latest news items by the click of a button. This feature will ensure timely notification when news items go live. Site visitors can also browse news items by category, making it easier to stay in the know on specific areas.

A revamped edition of the e-newsletter Tourism Pulse will allow site visitors to tailor news updates to their specific needs and interests. Subscribers can choose to receive daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly updates of CTHRC news releases, member news posts, and events. Only news items related to categories an individual selects will be included, making it easier to stay informed on pertinent subjects.

Visit the sites soon to discover all the latest industry and Council developments, learn more about issues that interest you, and join the Community Area to connect with your peers and have your say on today’s tourism sector!