Canadian Labour Force Survey

The Labour Force Survey (LFS), conducted by Statistics Canada, is the only source of monthly employment estimates for Canadian industries. It collects monthly standard labour market indicators and is a major source of information on the working-age population in all provinces.

Tourism HR Canada reviews the estimates available for tourism industries on an annual basis. Newsletter subscribers receive monthly estimates of employment and unemployment for each of tourism’s five industry groups and for each province.

2015 Tourism Sector Highlights (seasonally unadjusted)

  • In 2015, the unemployment rate for the tourism sector was 6.0 compared to 6.9 in the overall labour force.
  • Tourism unemployment was up slightly compared to 2014 when the rate stood at 5.8
  • Saskatchewan had the lowest tourism unemployment rate at 3.6
  • Nationally, unemployment was lowest in July, reaching a low of 5.3, April saw the highest rate of unemployment at 6.7
  • The accommodation industry group had the  highest rate of unemployment (7.4) and the transportation industry group had the lowest (3.7)

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