I am a restaurant shares stories of opportunity

Attracting and retaining workers is top of mind for most industries these days. Retiring baby boomers and fewer young people entering the labour force is heating up competition for workers.

It is no different for the food and beverage industry – an industry that has typically relied on a young workforce. CTHRC’s labour supply and demand research presented in The Future of Canada’s Tourism Sector; indicates the industry is already experiencing a labour shortage in many parts of the country. It forecasts that this shortage is expected to increase, leaving as many as 34,000 jobs unfilled by 2015, increasing to 76,000 unfilled jobs by 2020.

Food and beverage service employers offer countless opportunities for people looking for flexible work arrangements to those wanting to pursue a career in the industry. It can mean extra money for students to support their education or for aspiring artists and athletes as they pursuing their craft. For the parent with a young family at home it can offer extra income while balancing time with the kids. Entrepreneurs can achieve their dreams of owning a business by opening a restaurant. It offers opportunities for advancement through management for those people wanting to pursue that career path. And for those that need that first job experience, the skills developed working in restaurants are easily transferable to any other sector: time management, multi-tasking, customer service, communications, team work, financial management, marketing, sales, organizational skills….the list goes on and on.

The Canadian Food and Restaurant Association (CFRA) does a great job illustrating these real opportunities and benefits in a short film that shares experiences straight from people working in the industry. It is an excellent way to highlight the industry and promote the excellent opportunities available – particularly as the challenge to attract and retain workers becomes harder for all sectors. Take a look for yourself: http://vimeo.com/39074916