CTHRC Changes Name to Tourism HR Canada

Tourism HR Canada Logo

Tourism HR Canada is the new name of the national organization that has been serving Canadian tourism businesses and professionals for over two decades.

Since the organization’s inception in 1993, there have been sweeping changes in the state of the tourism industry and both the political and social landscapes. The organization has been successful in anticipating and meeting the challenges that these changes have presented, and has welcomed new leadership and a new vision of our current and future role. The Tourism HR Canada brand better reflects the legacy and strengths of the organization, and its place on the national tourism stage today.

“This new identity, Tourism HR Canada, makes it clear that we are a national organization focusing on Human Resource issues and strategies in the tourism sector,” explains Tourism HR Canada President Philip Mondor. “It also highlights our role in the Federal Tourism Strategy as the authority on tourism HR and labour market issues, and serves to better align the organization with our partners and colleagues working for the tourism industry on the national stage, namely Destination Canada, the Tourism Industry Association of Canada, the Hotel Association of Canada, and Restaurants Canada.”

The broad mandate of Tourism HR Canada remains unchanged: to build a competitive and sustainable Canadian Tourism sector by advancing skills and job growth, promoting the collection and use of Labour Market Intelligence, providing businesses with the tools they need to be successful, improving the industry’s customer service levels, and continuing to work in areas where the organization has built its reputation and expertise.
While the core tenants of the organization remain in place, a new strategic vision is being rolled out that is forward-thinking and includes additional alliances with international partners as well as a pan-Canadian Accreditation system scheduled for rollout in 2017.

Tourism HR Canada—Working for the Canadian Tourism Sector

Tourism HR Canada is a national organization working for the tourism sector in Canada, an $88.5 billion industry employing over 1.7 million people including over 500,000 youth. Its main goals include improving the quality and mobility of the tourism workforce and supplying tourism businesses with the labour market intelligence they need to plan for and overcome their current and future human resource challenges.

Tourism HR Canada is recognized as a global leader in setting occupational standards, building competency frameworks, developing occupational training and certification programs, conducting research into the tourism labour market, and analyzing the resulting data to plan and implement HR strategies for the industry.

Tourism HR Canada performs consulting services for all sectors in occupational training and instructional design, assessment tools and certification programs, human resource planning and strategy, and labour market research and analysis. Our team has worked with private companies, educational organizations, professional associations, and all levels of government, both in Canada and internationally.