Programs and Services

Consulting Services

SMART Accreditation Program

The CTHRC is pleased to offer consulting services that facilitate the development and delivery of training, certification administration, human resource and planning strategies, research, and instructional design for all sectors of the marketplace.
Striving to professionalize the tourism sector and ensure quality tourism-related programming is available, recognized and aspired to, Tourism HR Canada has led the development of a flexible and inclusive accreditation program that responds to identified needs of program providers, learners and industry alike. Through consultation with stakeholders and committee oversight, and based on years of research and practice, Tourism HR Canada has launched its SMART Accreditation Program.

Emerit Skills Training


For employers and professionals in the Canadian tourism sector, emerit is the most recognized training and certification brand.
emerit has been developed by Tourism HR Canada in collaboration with tourism industry professionals. It has become synonymous with excellence, credibility, and professionalism in the Canadian tourism sector.
The Canadian Academy of Travel & Tourism (CATT) program introduces and promotes careers in tourism to high school students across Canada. The CATT program is integrated into the current high school curriculum, and allows students to specialize in tourism through a successful work and study approach.

Ready to Work Program

Foreign Worker Integration

Ready to Work is a tourism internship program that provides job readiness and career planning to unemployed and underemployed people in Canada. Participants gain classroom instruction and on-the-job training to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and job experience needed to succeed in careers in tourism and hospitality.
Find resources to help attract and retain internationally trained workers.