A Member of GTTP

The Canadian Academy of Travel & Tourism is a member of the Global Travel & Tourism Partnership (GTTP), a worldwide coalition of educational programs and partners that introduce students to careers in travel and tourism. GTTP members share resources and ideas to create common learning goals. Together they have served more than 1.5 million students in 12 different countries.

CATT students interact with their peers from other countries through the:

GTTP Certificate Program

Schools participating in the CATT Gold Level program can also offer the GTTP certificate program. Contact the CATT office for more information.

GTTP Research Competition

GTTP holds an annual case study competition that requires student teams to research a travel and tourism opportunity or issue within either a local or national context. To determine which case study will represent Canada at the yearly International GTTP Student Conference, the Canadian Academy of Travel & Tourism allows one entry per school. Entries are evaluated by a review panel, and the winning school sends two students and their teacher to the conference.

The topic for 2014 is “Technology and Sustainable Tourism”.  How does technology support sustainable tourism?  What is sustainability? What does it mean in your locale, and what is the role of technology in sustainability? More details on this topic will be available in December, 2013.

Review past GTTP case studies to see some winning examples.

GTTP Travel Writing Competition

GTTP also holds an annual travel writing competition that emphasizes development of research and communication skills.

The topic is “Secret Trails of My Country”, and students are encouraged to write about interesting attractions or features of their country that travellers might be missing. Unique places and activities should be highlighted.

Submissions are first reviewed by the Canadian Academy of Travel & Tourism, and the winner moves on to the international competition.

The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2013.

GTTP Digital Photo Competition

GTTP offers an annual photo competition to encourage students to showcase part of their community. The theme is “Something Special”.

The Canadian Academy of Travel & Tourism selects the top three student photographers to represent Canada in the GTTP competition.

The entry deadline is February 28, 2014.