Emerit Helps People Get to Work

Emerit Helps People Get to Work

For over twenty years, Emerit has helped organizations and programs serving new Canadians, refugees, Indigenous peoples, people with disabilities, at risk youth and others facing barriers to entering the workforce gain the skills and confidence they need to find and keep meaningful employment, improve their lives and contribute to their communities. Training, certification, and labour market intelligence from Emerit are excellent resources for agencies and organizations focused on preparing individuals for employment.

Emerit by Tourism HR Canada

Emerit’s Workplace Essentials and Canadian Workplace Essentials are focused on developing the transferable skills, or “soft skills”, necessary to be successful in any career. They provide insight into typical Canadian workplace culture and what is expected of an employee, and help them meet industry standards in areas including professionalism, working with others, communication, critical thinking and customer service.

In addition, occupation specific training and professional certification is available for many professions and trades that are suitable for entry level candidates. This training is available in English or French, online or as paper workbooks, and gives the learner the skills and knowledge required to be successful in the occupation through realistic examples and activities. Certification provides industry recognition of the skills and knowledge demonstrated by the learner in their occupation.

These occupations provide the starting point for many careers, and the experience they provide can often lead to advancement within the industry.

Training available includes:

For specific program needs, Emerit has the expertise and experience to provide customized training content and to license use of relevant existing training material from our extensive training library.

Labour Market Intelligence from Emerit benefits serving agencies by providing accurate data on the current and future state of the tourism labour market. Knowing where shortages are occurring or are expected, and which occupations are affected, and typical levels of compensation and benefits by job type and location can assist agencies with career planning and job placement activities. This data is available as full reports, summary reports, or can be customized to provide specific information requested by an organization.

For more information on how Emerit can work with serving agencies, contact us.