Foreign Worker Integration

The Need to Attract and Integrate Foreign Workers

It is expected that in the near future, the growth of Canada’s labour force—and by extension the vitality of the national economy—will depend entirely on immigration.

To ensure that Canada has access to skilled and qualified workers, the government has continuously been working to improve and streamline the immigration and work permit process for both employers and prospective migrants. At the same time, government, employers, immigrant-serving agencies and credential-granting institutions have been working in partnership to integrate foreign-trained workers into the Canadian workforce and their communities.

While all these organizations continue to work together to implement long-term strategies to attract and integrate these workers within Canada, Tourism HR Canada also recognizes the need to identify immediate HR solutions to alleviate the impact of ongoing labour shortages in the tourism sector.

In response, Tourism HR Canada is currently advising Tourism Human Resource Organizations on the tactical use of immigration and labour mobility programs to attract and integrate foreign workers.

Tourism HR Canada supports a collaborative approach and makes a coordinated effort to disseminate labour market information, pool resources and share good practices to ensure Canadian employers and source countries are able to make the best possible use of the talents of migrant workers.

Download Tourism HR Canada’s Toolbox for Attracting and Retaining Foreign-Trained Workers in Tourism to learn how Tourism HR Canada tools add value to each stage of the newcomer-employer matching process. The toolbox lists relevant programs, products, and services designed to help match the skills of foreign-trained workers with the HR needs of tourism employers.